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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is Montessori?

Montessori is an educational method that begins with observation of the child. It utilizes concrete materials that are presented with precision and care. The lessons taught in Montessori education instill an appreciation and respect for the environment, community and a strong sense of self.


Why do you have mixed ages together? 

Being in a mixed aged group class gives the older children a stronger sense of self-worth as they're helping others. Teaches children to be sensitive to others around them, to recognize when others need help, and helps them to become more independent in their actions.


Can my child be in diapers/pull-ups?

No, we are not licensed for any children that require diapers or pull-ups. We require children are using the toilet independently upon enrollment. We are also here to help! If a child is not yet independently using the toilet but close, we will work with families to ensure success.


What are your ratios? 

Our ratios are 1 teacher per every 10 children. This aligns with Colorado’s Early Childhood Rules and Regulations. 


Where is your playground?

We walk over to the Crawford Elementary. They have a fully licensed and enclosed ECE playground with age appropriate equipment. Our patio is also used on days we cannot walk to Crawford.


How do you handle snowy closures?

Flame Lily Montessori follows Aurora Public School for all snow-days, late arrivals, early dismissals.


Barbara Pavez, CO

"We absolutely love Flame Lily and can already see the impact that the school has had on our daughter! She is organized and independent and she loves going to school!"

Maxwell Anderson, CO

"I can’t say enough good things about Flame Lily Montessori. From the ownership to the classroom, everything is flawless."

Holli Martin, CO

"Flame Lily is a beautiful school run by highly educated and experienced Montessorians."
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