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Why Choose Flame Lily Montessori in Aurora for Your Child?

Updated: Jun 28

why choose Flame Lily


Choosing the right preschool for your child is a critical decision. After all, early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development. One option that stands out is the Flame Lily Montessori in Aurora. This authentic Montessori school, affiliated with the Wildflower Network, has served children ages 3-6 in Aurora, Colorado. Its fundamental philosophy centers around the belief that children are naturally good, peaceful, and curious. Given the appropriate freedoms in a supportive environment, they instinctively work towards self-construction. Now let’s look deeper into their philosophy and the unique features that make Flame Lily Montessori School, a member of the Wildflower Network, an excellent choice for your little ones.

Flame Lily Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori pedagogy views each child as a unique individual with their innate potential. At Flame Lily Montessori, this philosophy is embraced and implemented wholeheartedly. The focus is on fostering the child's natural inquisitiveness and goodness in a peaceful and supportive environment, helping them achieve high-quality, rich learning experiences. We'll now delve deeper into how this philosophy is translated into practice in the next sections.

Emphasis on Individualized Learning for Your Preschooler

Flame Lily Montessori recognizes that every child is different and ensures that learning is customized to suit individual needs;

  • A small community setting that serves every child in a deep and meaningful way.

  • Children receive individual attention, ensuring learning at their own pace.

  • Cross-curricular connections are made to cater to varied interests.

Focus on Practical Life Skills

Recognizing that education extends beyond academics, Flame Lily Montessori places significant emphasis on practical life skills. Through task-oriented activities, children learn to be conscious of their surroundings, manage responsibilities, and become self-reliant. This hands-on approach nurtures the child’s development of social grace, courtesy, and refinement while also promoting sensory exploration, coordination, and focus.

Programs Offered

Not limiting itself to standard educational curriculums, Flame Lily Montessori offers unique programs tailored to children's specific developmental needs and interests. Let's explore these specialized programs, specifically designed to foster holistic development in children.

Age Group


Tuition Monthly

2.5 to 6-years-old

M to F, 8:15 AM-3:30 PM


The preschool program at Flame Lily aims to foster curiosity and creativity. Instruction is specially designed to cater to the diverse developmental needs of children between the ages of 2.5 and 6. With a focus on holistic learning, the program helps develop physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills.

Enrichment Programs

Flame Lily Montessori offers several enrichment programs as part of their holistic approach. These include:

  • After school programs: Designed to keep children engaged and learning past school hours.

  • Summer Care: Educational and fun activities are organized during the summer holidays.

  • Meals provided: Nutritious meals are part of the program, ensuring well-rounded growth.

  • Special Programs: Flame Lily offers special programs accommodating twins and multiple siblings.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Educational excellence at Flame Lily Montessori is further ensured by the dedicated team of Montessori-certified educators. They strictly adhere to the standards of safety and health inspections while also constantly striving for continuous professional development. Let's delve into it further.

Montessori Certified Teachers

All teachers at Flame Lily possess the following qualifications:



Montessori Certification


First Aid Training


CPR Training


Early Childhood Education


These certifications ensure that they are well-equipped to provide high-quality child care and education.

Continuous Professional Development

Active advancement is a significant part of Flame Lily Montessori's ethos. It invests in continuous professional development of its staff, including technical assistance and consultation, to ensure the best support for children and their families. This commitment to learning extends beyond the classroom to the faculty as well, fostering a culture of lifelong learning. The continuous development helps teachers stay updated with current practices, offering the best support to children and their families.

Collaborative Learning Environment

A remarkable feature of Flame Lily Montessori is its collaborative learning environment. Mixing ages and abilities, children are encouraged to interact, collaborate, and learn from each other. Supported by their teachers and peers, children can guide their own learning, fostering autonomy and confidence.

Support for Social and Emotional Development

Flame Lily Montessori strongly backs the social and emotional development of the child. It's not just about gaining academic knowledge but also about learning social nuances, understanding emotions, and managing them effectively. This comprehensive focus on development helps build emotionally healthy and socially adept individuals.

Safe and Nurturing Atmosphere

Fostering a safe and nurturing environment is a priority at Flame Lily Montessori. The school premises are equipped with spacious and safe facilities, designed to create a warm, inviting, and comfortable space for children. Let’s explore these settings in more detail.

Spacious Classroom Settings and Accessible Outdoor Play Area

The classroom settings at Flame Lily Montessori have been purposefully designed to be spacious, allowing free movement and facilitated exploration. These broad classrooms aid in conducting group activities, encouraging cooperative play and interaction amongst students.

Every child needs an open space to let out their energy, and Flame Lily ensures this with its accessible outdoor play area. These play areas are safe, stimulating, and suitable for a variety of physical activities.



Play Equipment


Covered Outdoor Space


Nearby Park


Parent Involvement and Support

At Flame Lily Montessori, parents are welcomed and considered essential stakeholders in a child's learning journey. Open communication and regular workshops encourage parents to participate actively in their child's education and development.

Open Communication

Transparency is key at Flame Lily Montessori. Regular meetings, updates, and open houses are conducted to maintain open communication channels with parents. Parents are kept up-to-date about their child’s progress and are included in discussions about their learning goals, ensuring an all-around supportive environment.

Parent Education Workshops

Alongside active participation, parent education is also emphasized through several initiatives:

  • Regular workshops: These help parents understand the Montessori method better.

  • One-on-one sessions: Assist parents in tackling any specific issues.

  • Montessori resources for parents: Provide tools to support their child's learning journey at home.

Conveniently Located in Aurora Colorado

Another significant advantage of Flame Lily Montessori is its convenient location in Aurora, with accessible transportation options making the commute easier for parents and children alike.

Situated at 1666 Elmira St., Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80010, Flame Lily Montessori is positioned conveniently for easy access. Its central location in Aurora makes it a popular choice among parents living or working in nearby areas.


Flame Lily Montessori in Aurora, Colorado, goes beyond offering a traditional Montessori approach. By focusing on individualized learning, practical life skills, a safe and nurturing environment, and active parent involvement, it offers a holistic approach to early childhood education. With its experienced and certified staff, enriching programs, spacious settings, and focus on continuous improvement, this school is truly a great choice for your young one. With varied learning environments and proven Montessori methodologies, Flame Lily is poised to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flame Lily Montessori and how does it differ from traditional schools?

Flame Lily Montessori is an innovative preschool that follows the Montessori method of education. It differs from traditional schools in its child-centered approach, emphasis on hands-on learning, individualized instruction, and fostering independence and self-motivation in children.

What is the admission process at Flame Lily Montessori?

You can get started on the admission process by contacting the school directly or visiting their website for more detailed information.

What are the school hours and holiday schedule?

The regular school timings are from Monday to Friday, 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM. For details on the holiday schedule, please contact the school administration.



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